Hi, Dave Ruel and Joey Vaillancourt here today to tell you about our new killer workout digital DVD package Insane Muscle Assault.

The newest and most effective way to train past muscular failure using advanced hardcore techniques.

These workouts will pack slabs of muscle on your body, proving that post-failure training does work to gain muscle. You are about to discover:

The techniques to be able to train 4x`beyond`muscular failure...
The best exercises for each muscle and the exact reps and sets required for massive gains...
How to use `explosive failure`and `controlled failure`together to ignite fast twitch and slow twich muscle fibers for fast muscle gain...

The Insane Muscle Assault program is a 5 day hardcore muscle building workout plan that teaches you how to train past muscular failure.

This will be the most hardcore muscle building digital DVD you may have ever seen and will lead to some impressive gains in size and muscle soreness...

Training to muscular failure is good, but training past muscular failure is better and we will teach you how to do just that.

This new approach to muscle building will be you sure-fire way of overcoming plateaus, gaining size, strength and a muscular body.

Join us now in the dungeon for a workout...

We dare you!

Dave Ruel and Joey Vaillancourt

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Introducing: Insane Muscle Assault!

The Insane Muscle Assault program is designed to take you past the point of muscular failure so that you force your muscles to grow bigger than ever before.

Avoid undertraining and the dreaded overtraining syndrome and learn how to find that `Sweet Spot`for muscle gain through the use of post-failure training to exhaust your type 1 and type 2 muscle fibers for optimal growth, gains in strength and the most intense + result producing workouts you will ever experience.

Get ready to go deep underground in the famous Dungeon Gym where Dave and Joey train in the Hardcore environment by using New Techniques on Old-School training tactics.

Nothing fancy in this location...Just crooked dumbells, ancient equipment and a rugged room setting the scene for some action-packed, testosterone driven, heavy lifting, no prisoner workouts.

Are you ready?

Insane Muscle Assault Theory Manual

IMA Training Manual The Insane Muscle Assault program is based on reasearch and personal experiences both in our own training history and our client's.

Of course, we will show you how to perform the workouts and exercises in the DVD's but we want to also educate you on exactly why this workout is so effective at building muscle in record time.

The theory manual reveals:

How to know when you hit muscular failure and how training beyond failure is effective at stimulating muscle gain
What really causes muscles to grow and which type of fibers have the most potential to build size
The 'Sweet Spot' rep range to use for each set of the workout and how to use controlled failure effectively time and time again to maximize your results

The IMA Workout Digital DVD's and Training Logs

Ever single workout DVD includes a set of training log sheets to record your lifts as well as provide you with a step-by-step plan to bring with you to the gym.

Each set of training logs include detailed set and rep instructions and workout notes to make sure you utilize the program effectively.

The Chest Annihilator

The Back Attack

Legs On Death Row

The Delt Destroyer

Arm-ed Robbery

The Ab-Assassin

The Complete Insane Muscle Assault Package

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NOTE: Insane Muscle Assault is a set of downloadable e-books and digital DVDs. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book, the digital DVDs and all other components onto your computer.